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Home page, or the actual start page of the website:

Tis is the first page if one opens a website. It could also be that there is an intro page before the actual start page.

From this page one can go to the other pages of the website via a menu, which is usually at the left or at the top of the page.

As already mentioned, on this page an overview of the entire website by means of a menu. The menu that one uses can also display sub menus, but that usually dependents on the kind of website where you are on.

Via the menu you can find here on the left side of the page, you can navigate through my website.

Right on the pages you will find links and references to other websites.

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New on the site : + + + 26-12-2012 - Link l'Aldea + + + Video van l'Aldea + + + 11-09-2012 - Two Curacao links + + + 10-04-2012 - New backgrond + + + 09-04-2012 - Marquee + + + 08-04-2012 - Curacao link + + + New photo's + + + 07-04-2012 - Guestbook added + + +

Here you will find links to other websites


Xantros Nederland


Bernabela Koeriersdiensten Venlo


Welzijn Life Curacao

Foto's Curacao door Bea Moedt

Foto's Curacao door Wim ter Hart

L'aldea is an authentic Brazilian Churrascaria (Steak House)

Video van l'Aldea op Curacao New promo video of Curacao

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