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Since I am not such a great writer, I'll still try to give some information about my hobbies. What should they tell about the hobbies that one has??? Some people can tell for hours about their hobby. But I don't think that the intention is that here is a story of an x-number of pages long. I would, therefore, be brief and concentrate on the most practiced hobbies, namely photography, and then of course as with most people the computer.

The photo camera I use just like most people mainly on vacation, and when I make trips in the Netherlands or abroad. The camera I use is from CANON PowerShot A1200, the type and also a small handy camera with lots of features.

Canon PowerShot A1200 characteristics 12,1 Megapixel 28mm wide angle lens, 4x zoom 6,8 cm (2,7") LCD with optical viewfinder Smart Auto, Easy mode en Hints & Tips HD Movies (720p) Blur Reduction mode Live View Control en Creative Filters Face detection, Automatic Red-eye correction DIGIC 4 AA batterijen

Another great activity within photography is making 3D pictures. To view them you have a special need glasses.



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Foto's Curacao door Wim ter Hart

L'aldea is an authentic Brazilian Churrascaria (Steak House)

Video van l'Aldea op Curacao New promo video of Curacao

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